KI Comments: Allison and Sienna

Have you ever had a little hiccup with your scheduling for photoshoots? I think it has happened to most of us. When it comes to scheduling shoots and models, it can be a little difficult, especially as a student when shooting working professionals and college students.

As a student, finding people who are willing to model for me during random pockets of time in my schedule can be difficult, especially when living in a place like Walla Walla, where the weather can be very unpredictable.

It is rare that I find a free pocket of time where the weather is right and I can find a model. I am very fortunate to have people in my life that are willing to come shoot with me when needed, and two of those very people are Sienna and Allison.

I have shot with both of them separately multiple times, and this time was no different than those other times, other than the fact that this one was more spontaneous.


When I asked Allison to model for me, she immediately accepted. We then spent time creating the look I wanted for the shoot.

Due to the fact that this would be an addition to the collection I had already began shooting for a project for class, I wanted to make sure that I created a look that was simple and more muted in tone. We ended up going with black leggings, a white tube top, and a light wash denim jacket. This outfit was paired with minimal makeup, all white sneakers, and a messy bun.

When we got downtown for the shoot, I started off with the standard brick walls. While I was excited for this, and I thought it looked really nice, I didn’t think it would work in the long term with the photographs that I had already shot for my project.

After that, we moved to the place I almost always shoot when I have photoshoots downtown, the off-white brick wall. I thought that by shooting at that wall, it would provide some consistency in the shots, especially since the shoot I did with Liza and Kurt also used that wall, and that was the shot I was going to use for my collection, the same one that would feature these images of Allison.

After that, I spotted a pure white garage door a little farther down the block. Well, pure white is relative, considering the fact that it was covered in grime. Nevertheless, the tone of the white was a pure tone, not an off-white, and I thought that this would make Allison stand out more, and I also thought it fit with her outfit nicely.

We made our way to the garage door, and it created a beautiful backdrop for Allison. Her light wash denim jacket really stood out against the white of the door.  However, this garage dcoor had three black windows and dozens of lines on it, making it a difficult backdrop to keep straight in order to create a more geometric and balanced image.

Overall, Allison did very well, and I think the images turned out very nicely. I even created a TikTok video to show off some of the images.


Sienna showed up later, and we had almost lost all of the light. She was working but managed to show up just before the sun had set. Due to this, we didn’t have a lot of time before completely running out of light, making the pressure even higher to get the perfect shot.

Her outfit was composed of a white short sleeve shirt layered over a black long sleeve turtleneck. She also sported a bandana, light wash mom jeans, black high top converse, and a black belt.

We started in the same locations that I had began shooting with Allison, but faster paced. At this point, I basically knew I wanted to stick with fairly light backdrops, so I did not shoot that many images on the traditional red brick, but the ones I did shoot did turn out pretty cute.

Once we moved on to the off-white brick, the light was almost at twilight, which meant my ISO was high, and we had to work fast. Due to this, the poses were less organized by me, which meant Sienna had to freestyle her poses. I adjusted as needed.

Her outfit fit better with the white brick than the white garage door, so we didn’t shoot against the garage door. Plus, we were losing light fast, and wouldn’t have time to add another background.

Overall, I am thankful for these two beautiful women that were willing to model for me on short notice, and I am looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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