KI Comments: Liza and Kurt

What do you do when you shoot with a couple that has been together for nearly a year? For me, I lucked out with this couple. Liza and Kurt were close to celebrating their anniversary, and I reached out to do a photoshoot with them.

I know that most people probably would be more specific about what they would want their models to wear, but with Liza and Kurt, I never worry about it too much, as I have shot with them before and I knew they would be able to successfully pick outfits that fit in well with the location I had chosen, downtown Walla Walla.

When I met up with them on a Monday morning downtown, they were dressed in a more business-casual look with high neck shirts and muted black, white, and gray tones. This made choosing the more specific backdrops for the shoot way easier since I knew that I could pick walls that varied in tone, as well as experiment with color if I chose to do so.

This shoot was part of my final project for my advanced photography class at Walla Walla University, of which we shot a subject that we had chosen. I had previously shot another couple as well thinking I could match this downtown urban location with another urban location on the west side of Washington state.

However, once I saw how different the shoots ended up being, I decided to keep the top image from this shoot for the final product, and reshoot with the previous couple again in downtown Walla Walla to better match the aesthetics and vibe of this shoot.

This shoot was very technically challenging for me, and I honestly started off being pretty discouraged with the images I was getting. The lighting was an odd mix of soft and harsh, creating weird shadows on the faces of my subjects. While I had an assistant on the shoot who came to help hold my reflector, the reflector seemed to be ineffective in the mixed lighting.

Due to this, we had a difficult time shooting at first. We traveled to various different walls downtown which dressed up or down the outfits based on the backdrop. Then we eventually traveled to a slight off-white brick wall, which has been featured in many of my other shoots and creates a beautiful plain backdrop with no distracting elements.

When we started shooting, I just let them pose naturally, but as thing progressed, I began to position them more intentionally. This created this pose here, which still feels natural while being structured.

One of the poses I did was have Liza stand in front of Kurt, kind of staggered. Since Liza is much shorter than Kurt, his head was not blocked by hers, and it created a more interesting stance between the two of them. Kurt put his arm around. Liza, she turned out to face me, and hugged his arm.

Another stance I had them try was standing side-by-side and then angling their bodies in toward each other. This angling worked well due to the almost triangle formation they. Made with their bodies, and it showed their closeness while still being able to view them as whole and not a squished package.

While I was shooting photographs of Liza and Kurt, my friend who came to assist me with the reflector, Naomi, shot a video of me, where I was in the middle of the road trying to get that perfect shot.

This is not an uncommon thing for me to do, as my favorite lens to shoot with is a 50mm. This makes cropping challenging, but it makes for gorgeous photographs, as well as a bit of a challenge in the shoot, which I actually enjoy quite a lot.

Once I edited the images, I reminisced over my favorite shoots with Liza and Kurt. In honor of their anniversary, I decided to make a TikTok video to post highlighting some of my favorite shots of the two of them. It took a while to make, but I loved the end result.

I have been so lucky to have returning clients that are willing to let me capture so many special moments between them. I love that I have been able to capture their love as it grows throughout their time together, as well as how they have grown and changed as individuals.

If you would like to see more from my shoots with Liza and Kurt, visit the My Work page and click on the tab with their names on it.

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