KI Comments: Mariah and Savion

When approaching the building of the collection of images I was going to present for one of my classes, I decided I wanted to shoot with couples in urban settings. I began by shooting with Mariah and Savion in Sumner, Washington.

The images were cute and edgy, and I think that their urban vibe fit really well for their personality as a couple, as well as the way that they have grown together and as individuals. When you add factor in their confidence alongside the urban setting and feel of their outfits, you can almost feel the energy from the shoot coming through in the images.

The first place we went in Sumner was a gray brick wall, however it did not compliment their outfits in the way that I preferred. As was the case with the final smooth red brick wall we ended up shooting with for the final set of images from this shoot.

However, we did find that the second wall was perfect for their aesthetic. This wall was classic red brick, but with a rougher texture and a little more brown than most red brick tends to be. We started shooting with the two of them together. Mariah is a photographer, and Savion is always modeling for her, so between the two of them, they are pretty good at posing on their own. I occasionally adjusted them slightly or reminded them to tilt their chins down or directed their facial expressions as far as whether or not they were serious or smiling.

The next thing we did was have Savion pose for his solo shots. He is very serious in front of the camera most of the time and has a real “cool guy” vibe. He was posing as if he is a professional model, which Mariah and I both think he could pull off.

We then had Mariah model in front of the camera for her close-ups. She was very excited and had lots of ideas on poses she wanted to try out. Between her photography experience and my adjustments, we found multiple poses that worked well for her, including my favorite, where she is holding up the hood of her jacket.

This shoot was super fun to do, but the vibe of this shoot didn’t fit in with the images I would continue to shoot for my final collection of images. Due to this, I decided to offer to shoot with them again in downtown Walla Walla, Washington, and style their outfits to fit in with the other displayed in my collection.

I began by styling Mariah. We met up and chose her outfit together. I wanted to stick with the muted tones, so Mariah wore black sneakers, black leggings, a white tube top, and a light gray hooded cardigan. She wore natural makeup and her curly hair was down on her shoulders.

After that, Mariah and I helped style Savion to compliment her outfit. We had him wear light wash jeans, a white short sleeve shirt, light gray sneakers, and a gold chain to compliment his gold watch. This was the perfect balance to compliment Mariah’s outfit, as well as fit in with my final collection of images.

We started by shooting images of them together to warm them up to being in front of the camera. By this time in the process, I had already established that I wanted either shots in front of the off-white wall, or in front of the white garage door. We began shooting in front of the white wall, and they were posed very well with only minor adjustments from me.

After that, I shot some solo images of Savion. I had him lean against a green lamp post, and I thought the images looked pretty good from that. So good, in fact, that I included one of them in my collection.

Following this, I posed Mariah in front of the brick wall as well, before moving on to the garage door. I only really liked the images of Mariah against the garage door. For some reason, the back drop didn’t work as well for these images, and I felt like the brick was a better aesthetic for this shoot.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the images that resulted from this shoot. The way that they look compliments the others in my collection without distracting from it, and also shows the bond that Mariah and Savion have built together over the years, and the confidence they have inside of them. If you want to see the rest of the images from this shoot, visit the Mariah and Savion section under the My Work tab.

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